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American Security Council Foundation

American Security Council Foundation

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About Us

The American Security Council Foundation (ASCF) was founded in 1958, and was originally known as the Institute for American Strategy. For over 50 years the Foundation has focused on a wide range of educational programs to address critical challenges to United States foreign policy, national security, and the global economy.

Programs and Strategies:
The ASCF has been credited many times with developing programs and strategies which were eventually adopted as the national security strategy for the United States. The ASCF’s “Guidelines for Cold War Victory” was praised by former President Dwight Eisenhower in a national radio address that he recorded at the ASCF's request.

In 1978 the ASCF created the “National Strategy for Peace through Strength,” and has been cited numerous times with providing the overall foreign affairs theme for the administration of former President Ronald Reagan. President Reagan personally gave the ASCF credit for this on several occasions and said America won the Cold War based upon the ASCF’s “National Strategy for Peace through Strength” doctrine.


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